About Us

Q5Echo is a Veteran owned and operated business.  Just to give you a little background of where the name Q5Echo came from, It was the name of the equipment I used to work on.  I was a Sonar Technician on Submarines and Q5Echo was the name of the Sonar System.  Not only was I the eyes of the ship but I was the Hunter.  My job was to hunt for Targets.

Since my military background was to hunt for Targets, that's why I am doing for you.  I hunting for a lot of cool things to bring to you.  All Items will come and go. If you like an item, get it quick. Also I would like to tell you that 5% of all sales will go the Wounded Warrior Project and the USO.  The Wounded Warrior Project, because not all my Military Brothers and Sisters had the same Job that I had.  I was lucky, many of the others we not so lucks and I feel a duty to help out my Military Family.  The other charity, the USO, was always there for me when I traveled.  They always welcomed me, fed me and gave me a place to take a nap when I was traveling.  

I know 5% sounds a little low, but I am an new business starting out.  As my business grows so will the percentage going to help my Military Family.  I will always keep everyone informed when the percentage goes up.  Thanks for reading this and I truly hope we will be one of your favorite places to shop.

Thank you for your time.